5 DIY Home Décor Ideas for This Halloween


The spooky Halloween is just around the corner. To give it a touch of glamor, and make your Halloween soirees or dinner parties more fun, try one of these DIY décor ideas this October.


Blood Splattered Modern Art

This Halloween try a unique home décor concept. Create something that can be easily mistaken for modern art. Simply splatter red paint on white color vases, cups and napkins. Use a tooth brush or your fingers to give it a scary pattern. Just make sure you wear thin work gloves while you do this artistic task.


Sophisticated Spookiness

We think that besides being scary, your Halloween displays should also look sophisticated. Attach scary plastic spiders to Bamboo Skewers and cover them with gold by using food safe liquid gliding. Place them on your bar cart and be sure to add a little extra horror to your Halloween ambiance.


Mysterious Cocktail

Another sure way to elevate Halloween horror around your home is by offering your guests a red color cocktail. You may simply refer to it as the bloodsucker cocktail. Pair this mysterious drink with a bug stirrer.


Haunted Indoor Plants

Take some artificial house plants and color them in black. For a heightened fear effect, place them on a white surface. Just make sure they don’t surround your real plants, we don’t want unwarranted fear for your innocent botanic family.


Mini Fear Triangles

Get some mat black paper and cut out long diamond edge shapes from it. Fold the wider side over a thin white rope using a glue. Hang them on the walls and over the doors and extend the creepiness in your Halloween décor.

 American Fur team has been planning to pick a couple of above spooky ways to make our Baltimore office a bit more horrifying than usual this Halloween. If you liked any of these Halloween spook DIYs, do let us know in the comments section.


Have a fun-filled safe Halloween.



October 25, 2022 — Yaser Buttar