No#1 American Gloves Company In USA

American Fur is always the top choice of people whenever we talk about the best American gloves company in the USA. All our gloves are crafted from high quality North American white tail wild deer to offer the most reliable Deerskin Gloves  protection to the customers.

The unique texture of white tail wild deer hide not only makes it extremely durable work gloves but also comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

The deer skin is procured legally through licensed hunters from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The skin is then tested through multiple quality assurance tests to offer the best work gloves in the market.

Leather Gloves

Deerskin Work Gloves without Lining – Tan/Black

Crafted from high quality deer hide, these gloves can be used all-year-round to ensure protection and comfort for your hands during different types of work. These elastic and water resistance gloves are a perfect choice for different indoor as well as outdoor jobs. Inter-locking fiber increases the durability and also gives them a sturdy look.

Safety Gloves for Sale

Deerskin Suede Gloves with 3M Thinsulate®

Made from the premium quality wild harvested North American whitetail Deerskin split. Softest work gloves that conform to your hands easily. Alluring ribbed back. Interlocking fibers ensure durability of leather. Naturally water proof. Insulated liner keeps cold and heat out.

Suede Deerskin Winter Mittens

Made of butter soft Suede Deerskin, these mittens are extremely soft, and hence, provide a highly comfortable feel. They entail all the benefits that a mitten offers against typical gloves, ideal for daily use in winters. Additionally, the inner acrylic liner can be taken out easily which means you can used these suede mittens throughout the year for daily activities and general tasks.

Deerskin Leather Winter Gloves

The premium deerskin leather built along with a suede palm patch makes these winter gloves a perfect choice for diverse work duties and snow sports activities. An efficient 3M thinsulate provides sufficient warmth to your hands. Additionally, elastic wrist is especially designed to keep snow out by closing around the skin effectively.

Why Choose Us?

We take great pride in integrating the finest features, comfort, and utility in a single product at American Fur. We believe in selecting the highest quality white tail wild deer skin, which then is transformed into natural deer skin leather.

Our stitching quality, like our selection process, is the best in the industry. Our state-of-the-art plants and stitching experts create wonderful and comfortable gloves that may last for a very long period of time.

How To Buy American Fur Gloves Online?

Buying American Fur Gloves is a quite easy and convenient process which is made hassle free for the comfort of its users. All you need to do is select your favorite American Fur Gloves from the website according to your hand measurements.

Once you select the gloves and check out your product will be shipped through UPS and USPS for safe and quick delivery. However, if you want fast delivery you have to request for fast shipment for the lowest cost. You can easily pay through Visa card, Master card, PayPal, American Express and much more.

We at American Fur want you to be completely satisfied with your premium leather work gloves, that are made of pure Deerskin. However, if you find your gloves not fit for your size, you can easily return them to get a new one.