7 Gauge Thermal Liner Gloves Rough Latex Grip

These are the top-of-the-line 7 gauge thermal liner gloves for extended job in the cold that requires uncompromised comfort and grip. Its ergonomic hand shape design conforms to hands flawlessly. The ergonomic shape combined with a soft, brushed acrylic liner creates a comfortable fit.

These gloves are specially designed for cold weather due to which these gloves provide uncompromised comfort and grip. These are cold resistant gloves with an excellent warmth and comfy fit in winter.

They have a highly visible orange liner which makes them perfect for working in the dark. The highly visible orange terry liner makes these gloves conspicuous, which is great for job sites and any low light areas. The black latex coating is very durable and rough texture provides an excellent wet or dry grip.

These gloves come with soft brushed acrylic liner for comfortable fit that minimizes hand fatigue and extends working capability with more precision. They have extended rough textured durable black latex coating that provides outstanding grip. They also have acrylic terry liner that wicks away moisture and dries quickly keeping hands secure. They provide optimum performance in wet or dry conditions because of 7 gauge brushed acrylic loop-out liner.

The american fur gloves are an excellent choice for any extended job/activity in the cold that requires outstanding grip and comfort.

Latex micro-finish coating provides a superior grip in dry and wet conditions by reacting like tiny suction cups that attach themselves firmly to the material being handled. These gloves have a knit wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove.

Hi-Vis coloring makes this product very easy to see. They have excellent thermal insulation which enables these gloves to quickly evaporate moisture from the skin. These gloves have extra softness for non-chafing comfort. These gloves are launderable for extended life and to reduce replacement cost. Color coded hems make size identification easier.

If you are curious about the performance then you can have a look at this Unbeatable Performance

● Thermal terry napping liner creates a comfortable fit and keeps warm in low temperature conditions.

● The crinkle finish offers excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions for safe and secure handling.

● Natural latex coating gives the gloves great mechanical performance while ensuring comfort and durability.

● Medium duty designed, offering good puncture and abrasion resistance.


● Rough textured black latex coating
● Outstanding wet and dry grip
● 7-gauge brushed acrylic loop-out liner
● Excellent warmth
● Conspicuous highly visible orange liner

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Comfortable & Warm

Comfortable and warm – great value for the price

Great for working supply chain

I work for UPS doing Unload\Pre-load\Loading at a hub that used to be temporary but made its bones and became a permanent facility. Most hubs use modern automation and automatic feed belts to move the packages from the larger containers to the sorting and tagging, and then to the main pens where they are loaded on delivery trucks. Our hub uses older manual rollers that have to be dragged into the larger containers by hand, and then the packages pushed down the line until they reach the sorting\tagging belt area. That's a long distance. The tagging and sorting are done manually, which means the packages are handled one more time, onto a set of belts that are vertically stacked, so some are lifted up higher, others pushed to the lower. All this handling presents hazards, so protection is key. In the winter, I'd be buying gloves at HomeDepot or Lowes every week to get enough on my hands to keep warm and to protect, but none would be able to grip that well for very long. These worked last year (2021) through a rough holiday season, 8 hours on the job, early in the morning (1-2am) to late morning (9 to 10am). One pair lasted 3 months! The other pair I used, just over 2, some lasted a month. I used them for nearly a year before switching to a basic glove with open fingers for summer. The workload varied. Bottom line, I'm getting more for this peak season; I'll be doing the same, but also riding along most of the day to make deliveries. I'll need a set that holds up.

Shawn McAdams
Good grip and durable latex

Work gloves that I had been looking for good grip and durable latex.

Katherine Hulls
I got mine in 5 days

Seller has great size chart and the glove sizes come according to the provided chart. I got mine in 5 days in size I that fits me well.

Hector Pulaski
Strong latex material and great design

Good gloves strong latex material and great design. Hoping they will survive the beatings in my furniture shop.