American Fur Inc. is an online e-commerce store launched in 2016 by two hunting enthusiasts and friends from Maryland. They somehow got inspired by the beauty and agility of white tail wild deer. Later they realized that the deer skin obtained from this unique deer has specific properties that are best suited for manufacturing gloves. Today, American Fur Inc. is serving cross-continent market of those looking for the most reliable work gloves.

Since its inception American Fur Inc. has kept the promise to manufacture and deliver the highest grade deer hide gloves worldwide. Licensed hunters from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia provide us white tail non-farmed deer skin.

We take pride in combining adorable looks, comfort and utility. How does this happen? Well, our best work and fun glove making philosophy is pretty straightforward: We start by selecting the most premium of all white tail wild deer hide which then is processed into natural deer skin leather. Next, the designing and stich specialists at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant produce adorable and comfortable gloves that last the longest.