Safety Work Gloves

When performing high-skilled or rough work, it is critical to protect your limbs from impacts, injuries, vibration, bruises, as well as cold weather without sacrificing efficiency. And when it comes to safety of your vital extremities, nothing outshines a good pair of work safety gloves. Good safety work gloves should protect your hands while providing better grip and warmth in harsh weathers.

#1 Supplier Best Safety Work Gloves Made Of Latex

Latex is the most commonly used material in the production of safety hand gloves all over the world. Latex is a biodegradable material that is extremely elastic, robust, and durable for gloves. This provides the user with exceptional precision, safety, and convenience, making these gloves ideal for performing skilled tasks at places where safety is a top priority.

At American Fur, we not just offer simple latex gloves as they come with extra features and advanced construction to provide you with superior and uncompromised performance throughout. The 7 Gauge Thermal Liner Rough Latex Gloves offer exceptional grip and are perfect for harsh winters. It features a highly visible orange liner so that people can spot you from a distance in dark.

Wide Range of Work & Hand Protection Gloves

Our safety work gloves have a really soft brushed acrylic liner for a tight yet comfortable fit to lessen hand fatigue. Moreover, the superb textured black coating on the inside provides excellent grip to the user.

The American Fur safety gloves are also fitted with acrylic terry liner to prevent your hands from moisture, keeping hands safe and comfortable in all weather conditions.

The Fully Coated Double Dip Waterproof Latex gloves are quite breathable gloves so that you can easily use them while working in rain. They have a long-lasting nylon/polyester lining and a latex coating for increased breathability and therefore less perspiration. It features an anatomical hand shape design and very smooth stitching quality that adds to its performance and aesthetics.

We also offers Ultra-Thin PU Palm Coated Work Gloves. They are thin enough to not create hindrance in your work and you can use them for a variety of purposes conveniently. However, the thinness of these gloves does not affect their durability, as the Polyurethane shell improves the overall durability and safety. We recommend you to use these American Fur work gloves when you need maximum safety while also requiring finger flexibility and dexterity.

Moreover, the High-quality Cotton Knit Latex Palm Coated Crinkle-Grip Gloves are also a valuable offering by American Fur having excellent craftsmanship. These high-quality American Fur gloves are made of 10 gauge 5 threads polyester cotton crinkle latex that conforms to hands comfortably. The superior coating technology ensures excellent flexibility and comfort of your hand while performing skilled tasks.

Feature Hand Safety Work Gloves

These work gloves have an unrivaled gripping power in all weather conditions, whether dry, cold, or wet. Furthermore, the crinkle latex palm design keeps your gloves abrasion-free, and the knit wrist provides a more shaped fitting. The gloves are bright sky blue with a bright green latex palm, making them incredibly visible from a distance.

Not just any gloves can shield your hands while performing skilled tasks; you must use professional gloves for work that are designed to ensure safety in the workplace. Our American Fur Safety work Gloves will safeguard your hands from injuries and abrasion while also providing comfort and flexibility when cutting wood, operating heavy machinery, or working on carpentry. These are undoubtedly the best gloves for working with concrete and other tough materials. They boast style, utility, and quality, as well as unrivaled gripping power in humid, wet, and outdoor conditions, making them perfect for challenging circumstances.