Best Deerskin Gloves - Black

We at American Fur make every effort to provide only the highest quality protection and comfort through our leather gloves. These exquisite quality leather gloves are made from the finest hide of a wild harvested North American whitetail deer.

The Black Deerskin Gloves without Lining are one of our best-sellers and are ideal for keeping your hands safe when working or riding.

Deerskin gloves are famous because they provide a sense of warmth and comfort while offering maximum protection. The deerskin leather gloves without lining are incredibly soft work gloves that fit on your hands perfectly. Since these gloves are lightweight and soft, you can do your daily work without experiencing any discomfort. Deerskin Gloves without lining are used by people who work with critical machinery that requires precision.

Deerskin leather can wear out with time and then you have to buy a new pair which will cost you more money. Interestingly, American Fur deerskin gloves without lining feature interlocking fibers to ensure the durability of leather. Moreover, the inner fibers of American Fur work gloves make them robust, allowing you to wear them comfortably for long periods of time.

Best Deerskin Gloves without Lining

The American Fur black Deerskin gloves without lining are amazingly water resistant, empowering you to work in the rain and on wet surfaces with ease. The gloves are also renowned for protecting your hands from severe weather conditions.

Workers who work in extreme weather conditions may use these gloves to protect themselves from the impact of the environment. Furthermore, these gloves provide additional safety against cuts, bruises, scratches, and other workplace incidents.

Using a touch screen while working with gloves is always a hassle as you have to take them off again and again to use a phone or a tablet. Thankfully, the black Deerskin gloves without lining comes with touch screen capable fingertips, enabling you to use your touchscreen without removing your leather gloves. As a result, you will be able to use your touchscreen with comfort and without wasting so much time.

Why Choose American Fur Deer Gloves

Our deerskin gloves without lining have an elastic wrist to ensure a perfect fit on your wrists. These leather gloves do not obstruct your work performance and help you feel comfortable while working. This allows you to do sensitive work that requires precision with confidence.

These unlined deerskin work gloves feature a keystone thumb for independent thumb maneuvering which will help you perform even better. The keystone thumb is stitched in as a separate piece to provide flexibility as well as an intuitive design that allows you to move your fingers and thumb easily. Moreover, the Gunn cut of these unlined deerskin gloves allows you to hold and lift things perfectly, whereas the rolled leather cuff hum makes them quite easy to put on and take off.

All in all, these ergonomic black deerskin gloves without lining can be your ideal work companion. They are available in sizes ranging from small to XXXL. Before placing your order, you can accurately measure your hands using the provided size guide to remove any chance of error.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Soft & Comfortable

Soft and comfortable leather.

Ann T
Soft & Better Leather

Way better than buffalo, goat, or synthetic leather. They're soft, and supple, and provide excellent grip on the wheel.

Ain't cut out for the full-on freeze

These gloves are cool for those mild winter days, but they ain't cut out for the full-on freeze. Found that out the hard way on my trip to Minneapolis. They just couldn’t hack it when the chill got serious.


Flexible and durable leather...

Great accessory for driving my Bronco

No more freezing hands on the wheel. Plus, the soft leather gives me the perfect grip without sacrificing the feel of the road. Perfect for my Bronco!