Five Unique Ways to Set 2022 Resolution

A big reason behind unfulfilled New Year resolution lists is lack of well-thought through selection of aims for the New Year. There are several strategies that you can rely on for ensuring you choose the best as well as achievable goals – and ultimately succeed in bringing rich transitions in your life.

 Analyze 2021 Before Planning 2022

Before setting New Year’s resolution for 2022, think about 2021 deeply. Ask yourself questions about how 2021 went, like:

  • What you learned?
  • What you achieved?
  • What mistakes you made?
  • What external factors stopped you from being you?

The answers to above and so many other questions like them will greatly help you in coming up with pragmatic change plans for 2022.

 Set Goals Smartly

Set yourself up for a year of achievements in 2022 by establishing smart goals. The pathway to success becomes easier when your goals are specific and measurable. It becomes manageable to keep an effective watch on your performance. Smart goal setting allows you to adopt efficient strategies for fulfilling your New Year resolution milestones.

To exemplify, despite “I will make more savings this year” might sound simpler to imagine but “I will walk more to save $100 each week from my cab ride budget” will surely be a lot more precise and effectively manageable.

 Revise Your Health Goals

Don’t go for health goals that made you frustrated in 2021, instead make essential revisions in them for 2021. There is no point in adhering to a stringent diet plan every year for just a month or so in the start of the year and then giving it up. This time start your New Year with a broader and more consonant definition of the ‘healthy and fit you’! This will help you to make health and wellness plans you will love to follow and accomplish.

 Happiness Focused

There is a good chance that 2022 resolution plans without any enticement value will not be materialized. This is why you should build New Year resolution goals around what makes you happy.

After all the 2022 belongs to you and each achievement or change you want to strive for in the New Year has to be about things that give you joy. Brushing your teeth before morning coffee surely is a good morning routine ritual but if you want to try out that ancient Chinese way (confirmed by modern science) of drinking hot water without cleaning teeth first, go for it because New Year is all about you and not what others think is socially right.

Spiritual Branding

Lastly, think about how you can enhance space for learning and adopting spiritual advancement techniques. If you haven’t found the right yoga that works for you, 2022 should be the year in which you find another way of listening to your own self. Dedicate some time in this coming New Year for getting indulged in unorthodox ways to identify and brand yourself spiritually. A great direction to start with could be to read blogs and articles written on topics related to knowing your inner self.

December 31, 2021 — Yaser Buttar