Deerskin Leather Winter Gloves With 3M Thinsulate - Black

American Fur winter gloves combine premium deerskin leather and suede palm with 3M Thinsulate. The 3M Thinsulate Insulation adds warmth without the bulk and is the ideal insulation for very cold environments. These gloves also provide uncompromised warmth, grip and comfort while working indoors and outdoors, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and performing different snow sports activities.

Our winter gloves are uniquely designed with high usefulness in mind for both men and women. The natural deerskin not only fits your hands properly but conforms to your hand shape easily as well. Consequently, you can lift and maneuver different tools ever more conveniently.

Best Work Gloves For Winter

Deerskin is undoubtedly the best leather for almost any type of sports since it provides the best blend of warmth, flexibility and comfort. Besides premium leather material, these gloves entail a sporty design too.

Followings are the amazing features and attributes that make these exquisite winter gloves ideal for variant jobs, riding and winter sports:

Firstly, deerskin suede patches in the palm are not only enhanced durability but lead to stronger grip as well. Holding equipment and objects and exercising control over them becomes more effective and convenient. The strengthened palm patches also give a sturdy look to these gloves.

Secondly, the shirred and flexible wrist keeps the gloves effectively closed around your wrist, an absolutely essential quality for best winter gloves. Also, the knit cuff acts as a second layer of protection in keeping the cold, snow and debris out. Consequently, warmth is locked in, keeping your hands warmer and safer.

In addition, ease in wearing and taking the gloves off is crucial. These winter gloves come with a pull tab on cuff. It is made of easily distinguishable leather and color, so that you can wear and take these gloves off with ease.

Customer Support

If you have any questions about quality of these or any other gloves and mittens at American Fur, feel free to contact us. A Customer Service Specialist will be glad to guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

The combination of deer suede and deer leather feels good; the construction appears robust and suitable for outdoor work during the winter months.

Winter Vibes

Buckskin feels cozy for those winter vibes.

Good Design

These snug up on the wrist well - good design.

Good Heavy Duty Gloves

I have been using them for my woodcutting job. Good heavy duty gloves and lock the close breeze out.

Griffin Smith
Solid Design & Built

I’ve been using them as riding gloves for over a month before my ski trip due up next month. Solid design and built.