High-Quality Cotton Knit Latex Palm Coated Crinkle-Grip Gloves

These are made with 10 gauge 5 threads polyester-cotton crinkle latex. Sky blue with bright green latex palm makes it highly visible. An intelligently designed crinkle built ensures extensive comfort for your hands.

These gloves have superior coating technology which ensures remarkable flexibility and comfort. Furthermore, they come with a long-lasting crinkle latex coating.

These gloves have a magical unsurpassed gripping power in wet, dry, and oily conditions. Its crinkle latex palm design makes it abrasion-free. Also, the color combination makes its latex palm highly visible.

Anatomical crinkle hand shape design makes it a soft amiable fit to hands. Its superior coating technology ensures excellent flexibility and comfort.

These gloves have excellent grip and have unsurpassed gripping power in all types of conditions due to long-lasting crinkle latex coating.

These gloves come with a long-lasting crinkle latex coating and their crinkle latex palm design makes them abrasion-free. Latex crinkle coatings feature creases or wrinkles on the surface of the coating that are designed to channel fluids away allowing better contact on dry or wet surfaces. A flexible, tough and durable rubber is used which creates high degree of resistance against snagging, puncture and abrasion.

These gloves have a breathable glove shell. These gloves have a knit wrist that helps to prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove. The gloves have color-coded hems for easy size identification. They have an ergonomic shaped curved finger pattern.

The gloves are characterized by 10-gauge and 5 threads of polyester-cotton crinkle latex. Its sky blue with bright green latex palm makes it highly visible.

Key Features:

● Perfect fit to hand
● Excellent grip
● Abrasion free
● Fabric and polyester duo
● Economy grade
● 10 gauge and 5 threads polyester-cotton crinkle latex
● Sky blue and bright green latex
● Protected with fingertip caps
● Knit wrist

Care Instructions

It is recommended to wash these gloves in slightly warm water not exceeding 40 degrees Centigrade. A mild non-ionic detergent should be used. A 5-10 minutes cycle time should be employed. Hand dry; tumble dry is not recommended.

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