PU Palm Coated Multi-Purpose Work Gloves

These multi-purpose gloves are best for precision work requiring delicate finger flexibility and dexterity. Cuffs are designed to prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove.

These are designed with a tacky grip which provides excellent grip for working. These are excellent gloves for those precision works that require delicate finger flexibility and dexterity. Flexibility reduces fatigue in the hands while working with your gloves. The ultra-thin, seamless, and soft finish provides a comfortable fit with high breathable ventilation.

Polyurethane shell lends for a stronger than cotton material. They are comfortable for all-day wear, durable and reusable. A fitted cuff prevents dirt and debris from entering the glove. We use high quality material that is second-to-none, backed by decades of design, research, manufacturing know-how, and on-the-job performance.

Polyurethane-coated gloves are tough, long-lasting, and very thin. Ideal for fiddly precision work, or just to protect and keep your hands clean. PU scores well for abrasion resistance. A polyurethane coated palm on a 100% polyester seamless machine knit shell provides outstanding grip and superior abrasion resistance as well.

These gloves adapt to the contours of the hand for completely custom fit and feature color overcasts to make size selection easier. They are premium products designed by American Fur in full accordance with American standards on quality.

The ultra-thin PU material in this glove is black due to which these gloves are very convenient to wash and they have BP 169’s dark color that hides dirt and makes it viable for more and more work without any hustle of frequent cleaning.

With the help of them you can work efficiently in all weather conditions because they provide great grip. These gloves will give you the sensation that you are having another layer of skin that prevents cracking skin and keeps your hand warm while letting them breathe.

Key Features

● Ultra-thin
● Seamless
● Soft finish
● Highly comfortable
● Perfect fit
● Highly durable
● Highly flexible
● Enhanced dexterity
● Fatigue less
● Tacky grip
● Highly breathable
● Rubber knitted cuffs

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