Close to Your Kitchen and Heart: Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden is mistaken by many as a garden located inside the kitchen. While the kitchen garden doesn’t have to be inside your kitchen, for easy access to fresh produce, a kitchen garden should be located close to the kitchen. It makes your kitchen even livelier and a more fun place to gather with friends and family. A garden where you grow food according to your own needs and preferences has to be close to your kitchen!

Since the kitchen garden is meant to be an organic substitute for some of the vegetables, fruits or herbs you buy from grocery stores, it’s often small in size. It can be established over 200 to 400 square feet, just enough space for you to grow diverse food that adds to your healthy eating resolution. Mostly it is made of a few raised garden beds and don’t interfere much with look and feel of rest of your garden or yard.

A kitchen garden is not just looked after but utilized regularly as well. Many head to their kitchen gardens three to five times a week to fulfill plant maintenance duties and grab fresh vegetables or herbs for fresh cooking. The most interesting characteristic of such a garden is that you almost never have to think about preserving the food as everything is used fresh.

If you are looking for healthier and tastier vegetables, fruits, spices and herbal compliments then starting a kitchen garden can be a wonderful idea for you. It can be a great opportunity to experience how roots and plants turn into vital food.

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September 16, 2021 — Yaser Buttar