Premium Deerskin Gloves by American Fur

Whether you are working on a home plumbing project or have to operate heavy machinery at work, you need reliable work gloves to ensure hand safety. And, what’s better than buying gloves from a company that deeply understands the needs and expectations of hard working America? We are a proud American enterprise that manufactures and sells the best quality deerskin work gloves.

The Process of Manufacturing Deerskin Gloves

Durable deerskin gloves are a frequent and favorite choice of many enthusiasts and professional workers worldwide. At American Fur the process of manufacturing the best deerskin gloves starts with obtaining white tail deer hide from licensed hunters in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Mississippi. The hides are then taken through cleaning and refining treatments according to latest standards using the most advanced technologies. Once exquisite quality deer hides are transported to American Fur state-of-the-art sewing center, experienced designers begin their artistic work. Deer hide is cut immaculately according to variant types and sizes of gloves. Finally, the exclusively designed deerskin pieces are stitched in a hi-tech hemming plant.

 The Best Features

American Fur deerskin gloves are designed and stitched keeping in mind the challenges durable work gloves have to overcome. Below is the list of unique quality and utility features they offer:

  • Warmth and Flexibility
Cow hide or other cheaper leather types don’t even come close when it is about the warmth and protection the deerskin leather provides. Even if you deerskin gloves without insulation or lining, you will get warm feeling when using during winters. Additionally, deer hide is superbly elastic which leads to maximum ease while doing tough jobs requiring frequent hand movement.
  • Softness and Conformity

Deerskin gloves by American Fur allow you to feel softness of premium leather. This makes doing jobs in which you have to keep the gloves on for a longer time much easier. Also, they meticulously conform to the natural shape of your hands. Their highly conforming style sometimes makes you think that you are working with bare hands.

  • Durability and Protection

Deer hide is an extremely durable type of leather. Unlike cow hide, the first day perfect fit feel doesn’t go away for many months. Besides, the elastic built of these gloves ensures they remain your best work buddies for a long time. In addition, due to the solid design and strong leather built, the gloves offer reliable safety against bruises, slashes and punctures.

September 28, 2021 — Yaser Buttar