Perfect Guide on Hand Safety in the Workplace

Helping your team Protect their hands in the best way doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive gloves. Different gloves are recommended for diverse jobs. It all comes down to protection you need in the workplace.




Balance Between Protection, Comfort and Cost

Off course, the main focus while buying safety gloves must be ensuring the PPE offers desired protection for hands. You have to have safety for hands as top priority in your mind. In reality though comfort is as important as protection! Everyone wants to have ease in wearing and keeping the gloves on for longer periods of time. And, just like any other thing you purchase, cost will come into play as a major factor at some point as well. So you need to strike the right balance in all three of above mentioned elements while buying the most satisfying PPE for hand safety of your workers.


Tradeoff Between Safety and Dexterity

Finding gloves that provide maximum safety as well as high dexterity can be often challenging. Many gloves that offer highest protection seem to limit one’s ability to move fingers with complete flexibility. Additionally, some gloves with great safety features don’t let you feel the tools and objects you carry and use. This can lead to ineffectiveness at work. Consequently, you should look for a tradeoff between protection and dexterity requirements according to nature of job/s your team performs.



Team member engagement is essential for any safety initiative to be successful. You can start by glove trials, they can help a great deal when deciding to buy the most suitable gloves for all team members. Find the most influential employees and ask them to try a new pair of gloves for a couple of days. Their feedback will be extremely helpful for you to select the most effective PPE for the rest of the team. A great advantage of allowing employees to take part in glove testing is that they feel the sense of ownership and show greater enthusiasm towards the concept and implementation of work safety.



Remember, only distributing PPE with some usage instructions never makes a workplace completely safe, the managers must provide ample guidance to employees to ensure comprehensive safety compliance. And, better compliance can ensured through effective communication. You should formulate clear safety instructions at work. Serious glove companies in USA are always happy to assist you in explaining how to use their gloves for meeting work safety needs and highest work output. Be mindful, just displaying the hand protection instruction banners is not enough. You must have team meetings where the safety precautions related to hand safety and glove usage are discussed in detail.

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October 06, 2021 — Yaser Buttar