Winter doesn’t have to mean cold hands. All you need to keep your fingers and hands warm during winter time is a pair of good quality gloves. Despite gloves and mittens provide protection against cold, however, not all gloves ensure enough warmth for your hands. So, there can be chances that you might select wrong type of gloves.


Here are some important factors you should consider when buying right work gloves for winter:

Layered Protection | Gloves with Lining

One thing you must make sure before buying gloves for winter is that they have an inner liner that insulates the gloves from inside well. It is a known fact that cold temperature can penetrate through any type of leather, thus you always need an inner shield to stop the cold invading from outside. Consequently, it is important that you buy winter gloves that have a warm inner lining with capacity to insulate the gloves from the inside.


Work Gloves with High Dexterity

Unfortunately, you will find some gloves in the market that offer all the protection against cold but lack dexterity. Such gloves can’t be a good choice since reliable work gloves must allow enough dexterity so that you can perform different jobs easily and effectively. This is why you should ensure that your next winter gloves feature required dexterity.

Winter Gloves Material | Prefer Deerskin Leather

You can find gloves made of many different materials like nylon, acrylic and leather. If you work in an environment where temperature falls below zero degrees then authentic leather, preferably deerskin leather, is always the best choice. Keep in mind no matter how warm the inside wool or other lining material feels, in real cold temperatures you need to have winter gloves with outer lining made of real leather to combat cold effectively.


Finally, a reliable pair of winter work gloves has to be waterproof. Outdoor work during winter often involves snow or moisture, and this is why in order to keep your hands dry and warm, you need winter gloves that are completely waterproof. Additionally, always make sure that the wrist of gloves closes around the skin flawlessly so that snow, water and cold don’t get a chance to enter the gloves.

We hope all the above tips will help you while trying to find the best work gloves for winter. For more information and helpful blogs related to gloves and hand safety, visit today.
October 29, 2021 — Yaser Buttar