The Ultimate Deerskin Thinsulate Gloves Care Guide

A pair of reliable gloves is an absolute essential for winter season. Working indoors and outdoors becomes safer and more comfortable if you have good performance gloves. Deerskin gloves with lining are commonly used at most outdoor work sites throughout US and Canada. Deerskin leather is composed of dense fabric which helps to keep your hands warm in winter. On the other hand, the thinsulate functions as a second layer of defense against invasion by cold.

How to Maintain Deerskin Gloves with Thinsulate

It is important that you take care of your gloves in the best way. Here are important tips for keeping your deerskin leather gloves well maintained so that you can use them for a much longer while than usual.


Cleaning is essential for keeping your gloves in a great condition though you must never wash them improperly. The process we recommend to clean your thisulate gloves made of deerskin is pretty simple:

  • Fill a small size water tub or your bath sink with cold water.
  • Add a good baby shampoo into the water and place the gloves in soap mixed water.
  • Let the gloves stay in the water for up to 5 minutes or a little more if they happen to be too dirty.
  • Next, drain the soapy water and fill the tub or sink with fresh cold water.
  • Start rinsing the gloves until gloves are soap free.
  • Take the gloves out of the water, place them on a clean towel and roll the towel around them.
  • Lastly, place them upside on a rack that allows water to dip out of them.

While washing and drying, make sure that you:

  • Do not keep them in soapy water for excessive time.
  • Do not twist the gloves.
  • Do not place the gloves under direct heat or sunlight. 
Providing required care for your deerskin gloves with thinsulate is easy. If you like reading interesting blog posts on deerskin gloves and hand safety, visit to find more of these exciting articles.
November 02, 2021 — Yaser Buttar