Top Three Glove Etiquettes To Follow

A little knowledge can help you a great deal in ensuring your gloves serve you well for the longest time possible. Here are three top most common glove mistakes you should avoid to increase the longevity of your gloves:

Wearing And Taking Off The Gloves

The wear and tear of your gloves can be minimized if you wear and take them off in a proper way. When putting the gloves on, always fold their cough gently before pulling over your hands while trying to stretch the leather (or other exterior material) to the minimum extent. Similarly, when it is time remove the gloves, pull the edges of each finger and thumb gently and let the gloves slide off your hands softly and slowly. Also, release any wrist grip or lock fully if there is any before you wear or remove gloves.

While Not Used

The life cycle of your gloves can be enhanced if you store them with care while they aren’t used. Firstly, make sure you lay them at a dry and cold to moderate temperature place. It is best to put them inside a box or on a rack. Additionally, allow gloves to be stored in their natural shape and never put them in folded or twisted position.


While you should never over-wash your gloves, cleaning them properly is essential. Keep in mind if dust or stains aren’t removed from your gloves for excessive periods of time, they start damaging the glove material and may also penetrate deeper. We have recently published a deerskin gloves care guide that contains step by step simple and easy instructions on how to clean deerskin leather gloves in the best way.


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November 04, 2021 — Yaser Buttar