Holiday Shopping Mad Dash

 All indicators have been pointing to a holiday shopping season that started much earlier than usual this year. Already, there are a plethora of issues plaguing the retail shopping sector currently such as inventory shortages and unavailability of well-trained labor. As a result, retailers as well as shoppers have been experiencing a holiday shopping season characterized by a mad rush to buy!

 And, if you are someone who waits till the last moment when it comes to holiday shopping, chances are you have already encountered some or all of following issues:

 Order Back Log

Manufacturers have been reporting serious back log in fulfilling orders placed by retailers. Especially the electronic items from gaming stations to home appliances are expected to be sold quickly this holiday shopping season. This made early buying an essential to avoid unavailability of your desired things later in the season.

 Higher Prices

Disruption in supply chain as well as soaring logistical costs have led to significant increase in prices of all types of goods all through the holiday shopping season thus far. Many were even forced to purchase inferior substitutes of their wish list items.


Compromised Buying

On the flip side of the coin, retailers are facing hard time filling the shelves which means a limited inventory at their hands. This typically causes compromised purchases though shoppers who headed to stores early this season mostly did satisfying buying.

 Lack of Assistance Staff

More shoppers at the stores and malls meant that there was a shortage of trained staff to assist them. It is seen that often times when prospective buyers don’t find adequate help, they go through difficulties in finding and selecting the right items.

 All in all, the holiday shopping season is in full swing and due to above mentioned manufacturing and retail sector challenges, heading to stores now could save you from witnessing even worse shopping experiences.

December 22, 2021 — Yaser Buttar