The demand for deerskin gloves has increased significantly over the last few years primarily because they offer lots of superior benefits as compared to any other type of leather gloves. It is interesting when you think of all the advances made in construction technology and personal protection gear. The safety gear is much more protective than in the past. It not only shields you from cold and heat effectively but provides extra protection against abrasion, shock and other such challenges during construction work. However, construction contractors, for a variety of reasons, still prefer deerskin skin gloves for their workers.

Deer Hide Comfort

One of the prime benefits of deerskin gloves is that they are softer than goat, cow or pig skin gloves. This makes these gloves more comfortable. Just like any other outdoor work, it is highly important that construction workers feel comfortable while wearing work gloves. It reduces chances of workers taking their gloves off during work and be vulnerable to injuries.


No matter how protective a pair of gloves is, if it isn’t flexible enough, it is of no good use! Right gloves for construction work have to be flexible. Deerskin tends to be highly elastic which makes it a perfect choice leather type for construction gloves. The elasticity of deerskin leather ensures that the gloves actually conform to your natural hand shape. This leads to ease in lifting and moving tools and makes work more effective.

Adaptive to Climate

Deerskin offers an amazing feature that few other kinds of leather material can boast: It adapts to temperature. You might have noticed that deerskin gloves provide warmth in winter while when it’s too hot in summer, due to deerskin’s breathable texture you don’t feel perspiration on your hands. This adaptability makes deerskin gloves a great choice for construction workers all year round.

Protection and Durability

Finally, a pair of reliable construction gloves has to be durable as well as strong enough to ensure sufficient hand protection. Deerskin leather texture consists of countless interlocking fibers. This unique feature not only enhances protective capacity of these gloves but makes them long lasting as well.

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November 24, 2021 — Yaser Buttar