Butter Soft Suede Deerskin Mittens for Winter - Black

American Fur winter mittens are made from highly durable suede deerskin. They come with soft acrylic inside for extra warmth. These mittens are designed to protect your hands from cold temperatures and abrasion. Also, they are best for diverse daily and sports activities. They lock in warmth more effectively as compared to typical gloves.

For extra softness and improved winter protection, these mittens have soft acrylic pile liner inside. This also enhances comfort for your hands. Besides, a carefully designed seam structure not only gives them a finer look but ensures durability. You can perform your tasks in extreme cold temperatures with great comfort as the acrylic liner continuously shields your hands against bitter cold outside.

Dependable Suede Deerskin Mittens

American Fur butter soft mittens keep your hands warmer than conventional gloves due to two important attributes. On one hand, warm inner wool serves as extra acrylic pile liner and on the other; mittens allow your fingers to preserve heat effectively since they are not separated through fabric. Consequently, you can do all the playing activities conveniently while protecting your hands from cold.

In addition, intelligently designed seam pattern makes these mittens feel seamless which increases comfort. Also, due to the fact that the seams are located in areas least vulnerable areas to bruises, stretches, the chances of common glove issues are minimized.

You will find American Fur suede mittens to suit your common winter attire like slim-fit jeans, hoodies and jackets. They are uniquely manufactured to help you perform diverse tasks DIY jobs in winter safely and conveniently.

American Fur ultra-soft suede mittens with acrylic liner in black offer a perfect combination of warmth, safety and comfort. In addition, high-grade suede deerskin material and solid built will ensure these mittens last for a long time.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jim K
Too Soft

Love the soft suede, but it ain't gonna cut it for the rough stuff. It's cozy though, keeps ya warm.

Soft and Comfortable

It's super soft on the outside and just as comfortable on the inside.

Don't fully get that mittens idea?

People say they're great for trapping heat, but personally, I think gloves provide better protection against the cold and keep my hands warmer.

Blown Away by the Quality and Material

I was on the hunt for the perfect mittens. I dig mittens 'cause they keep my fingers huddled and cozy on those chilly morning strolls better than gloves. A buddy of mine suggested this seller, so I snagged a pair in black. When they showed up, I was blown away by the quality, the material, and the overall finish. Seriously impressive stuff! Plus, the lining's legit warm, tackling that brisk morning breeze like a champ.

Griffin Montgomery

The deerskin suede is durable and stylish. These mittens are perfect for chilly weather, providing both warmth and a great look.