Butter Soft Suede Deerskin Winter Mittens - Tan

Winter Mittens by American Fur Gloves Company are made from premium suede deerskin and soft acrylic. Our mittens offer great protection, abrasion resistance and long wear. The suede deerskin keeps hands warm and provides excellent heat preservation from the fingers to the palm.

These Mittens also have inner acrylic pile liner made of soft acrylic that provide extra softness for maximum hand comfort. These Mittens keep your hands at an optimal temperature, allowing you to continue your tasks even in extreme cold. In addition, advanced seam patterns reduces the risk of irritation, blisters and glove failure.

Why American Fur Mittens Are a Best Buy for You?

Our Butter Soft Mittens tend to be warmer than traditional gloves because of two reasons. Firstly, they generate more heat due to pure inner acrylic. Secondly, your fingers are not separated from each other. This way, you can play safely in the snow without having to worry about getting your hands cold.

Additionally, by removing and relocating typical seam patterns, these mittens provide the smooth, comfortable feel of a seamless interior. Carefully engineered seam pattern ensures a solid built that lasts longer.

Moreover, these Suede Deerskin Mittens have classic style that easily blends in with your favourite outfit such as warm sweater, jacket, slim-fit jeans, winter shoes and more. They come in handy for sports as well as diverse daily activities.

All in all, the Suede Deerskin Mittens – Tan are a perfect combination of softness, warmth, durability and safety. They are the most comfortable and the most economical daily use and sports gloves available in the market.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
A Great Buy

I couldn't be happier with my choice! They are incredibly soft to the touch. Would recommend these mittens to anyone looking for warmth and comfort during the winter months.

Soft Stylish

Love the buttery texture and the stylish look of these mittens.

Crazy Soft

The texture is so velvety—I'm really digging them!

Easy to wear

Good leather - easy to wear.

Worth the Price

These mittens are really well worth the price. The deer suede is incredibly soft and the lining ensures I never have cold hands. From riding to winter hikes, these gloves are my trusted companions.